Best Mobile Plan?

Maybe the best plan(s) for dual sim phones


So, if you haven’t already heard about Google’s cell phone service, it’s a solid plan if you don’t use too much data, and the best plan if you travel overseas. The one downside is that “unlimited” data costs 60$, so I decided to figure out the best data-only plan to supplement Fi. This would allow me to use Fi to power text/calling always, and Fi to power international data, but use another provider for unlimited data within the states.

Why Google Fi?

  • Cost: 20$ for unlimited text/calling + $10 per gb of data used up to a 6b maximum
  • Any unused data is refunded. e.g. if you use 500mb, you’ll only be charged 5$
  • Pause/Unpause whenever. You’ll only be charged for the days you were active per month and charged only that proportion of the $20 monthly fee
  • By far the best designed, clearest mobile application
  • The best, friendliest customer service of any mobile carrier in the US
  • Up to 4 data sims tied to your data plan for no additional cost (Used to be 9)
  • Works in 200+ countries at no additional cost
  • Free international texting and affordable voice calls, too

Why T-Mobile Data Prepaid?

  • 10$/mo provides unlimited data with 2gb of highspeed and things like music stream do not count towards the high speed data usage.


Alternative Considerations:

  • ATT Mobile Prepaid has a special running that gets you a year of unlimited talk/text/data for about 25$ a month, and also provides diversification in cell service as Google Fi does not piggy back their network. If you need two numbers, this would would be the way to go.
  • Mint is on the T-Mobile network, so either have cheap options for talk/text/calling, but unless you need two phone numbers there isn’t much reason to pay more than 10$ for a data only plan.
  • Verizon is probably the best option for network diversification if your phone supports CDMA, and data only plans start at $30.