3D Printed Vesa Mount

3d printed BENQ 3501r vesa mount, a sales experiment


So I bought a BENQ monitor, which I’ve been competely happy with other than the VESA mount not being available for purchase… From reading the BENQ forums, it seems as though the manufaturer that they contracted the work out to went out of business, and for some reason they’ve decided against finding a replacement.

Luckily, some light googling led me to this thing on thingiverse, where the CAD files were readily available. After experimenting with different filament types and fill levels with my co-worker at the time, I settled on 50% fill using PLA+, and 6 hours later I had a mount which has showed no signs of deterioration over the last quarter.

Going through the work of getting this printed, it occured to me that most people aren’t going to be able to easily get this built, or might be charged a lot by 3d print studios local to them, so I decided to list the item on ebay as an experiment. This actually garnered a lot of interest and produced two sales, which is surprising because I intentionally priced the item higher so as to not get inundated with orders.

Had there been more interest I might have been inclined to have my 3d printed model cast into a mould so that a local metal worker could have easily made them en masse.

I’ve since removed the listing, but if you’re one of the 0 people in the world who have ended up here and also need this mount, then send me message and I’ll be glad to have one printed for you.

Vesa Mount