Lambda All The Things
  • s3Presigned | github | a node-based lambda that returns an s3 presigned PUT url
Project Skeletons
  • Lambda Skeleton | github | a starter project for node-based lambdas
  • GoDoRe | github | a Go Docker React starter project
  • file uploads using s3 presigned urls, golang, and js| post | some code snippets related to the title of the post
Silly Projects
  • commoji | github | a command line git wrapper that translates human into emoji (where possible)
  • polymer-konami | github | a Polymer.js element that listens for the konami code, then executes a user provided function
Not So Silly Projects
  • edgecast-purge | npm | a library for the EdgeCast CDN (mainly used to purge assets)
Gists Disguised NPM Packages

Why? Because I wanted publicly available npm packages that were not listed on the npm registry. Privacy through obscurity I suppose…

  • GoifyPromise.js | gist | a super useful library to “goify” promises in order to clean up async/await try/catch blocks
  • S3Upload.js | gist | a small library I use to upload files to S3
  • AccumulateFiles.js | gist | recursively search a directory and return an array of accumulated files
  • ContentType.js | gist | given a file path, return content type
  • Promisified Slack Webhooks | gist | a little snippet I use to DRY up the CI/CD process at true[X]
Random OS Contributions
  • homebrew-cask | github | a CLI workflow for the administration of macOS applications distributed as binaries
  • rack-ssl-enforcer | github | a simple Rack middleware to enforce ssl connections