What IS a Junting?

As a baby Junting was born in Oakland, or colloquially referred to as, O-Town. Shortly thereafter, he was whisked away to Kawakawa Bay, New Zealand where he grew up listening to Enya, longing to be a fighter pilot, and, eventually, to figure out the answer to life, the universe and everything. He once told his primary 3 teacher that he’d found a new way to do multiplication. She said, “No, you can’t do it that way” so he walked out of class never to return. From that point forward Junting questioned everything. He knew he loved his SuperNES and rolled deep on a WINDOWS powered PC and later a iMac blazin’ hazin’ the WWWs via 56k.

Is there more?

Well, yes. There is this whole paragraph. Now, look at all the social media! Do you see what I just did? You can’t Not look now! Action words make people do things they normally wouldn’t. Here, watch this new link I just made to my Instagram. Here’s another one to my Facebook. Boom! I also made a page on LinkedIn but it doesn’t matter too much right now because I’m wayyyyy too deep in the codes, and the occasional silly content update like this paragraph.